“I just wanted to say how lovely it was to meet you all and thanks so much to the wonderful staff and children for all your help supporting us and Malachi. It was an amazing amount of money raised and will go towards Malachi’s ongoing intensive physiotherapy. We are truly grateful, “

Coleen, mum of Malachi who Kingsley help support.

“If I may, some feedback about the school…. I was genuinely surprised and impressed by the way you teach and interact with your students, school for me is a long distant memory – but I truly don’t remember it being anything like that!!.. Most of all this struck a chord when photographing the Hearing Impaired units on Day 2 as I have a nephew who had a meningitis attack at 4 yrs old that subsequently left him deaf and speechless, although some progress has been made in his rehabilitation and hearing implants fitted he has nowhere near the kind of support that I saw was on offer at your mainstream school – so I applaud you for that!! 

It was refreshing to see that classes seemed to be manned in most cases by more than one teacher and the one to one tuition on offer seemed encouraging for the children’s’ development.. As a whole the majority of teaching staff and the kids seemed to be enjoying what they did and there was a very positive atmosphere across the school. Might not mean anything to you guys – but just wanted to share my ‘feel’..

Michael – Photographer 

Thank you for asking me to your assemblies today to say a few words about the work of Nightwatch. I was, as always, well received and amazed at the generosity of the donations made to Nightwatch by the children and their families .
Very best wishes to you all. 

Bob Sleight – Secretary, Nightwatch

Kingsley is the best. I can not thank you enough for giving me confidence in raising my little ones. Thank you all for your unending support.  You have taught me that school values matter, school values do mean something special.  For me the ones that have stood out the most are Compassion, Inclusive, Positive and Teamwork. Thank you once again I am proud to be part of this great institution. 

Kingsley Parent. 

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