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Kingsley Primary Academy PHC

Kingsley Primary Academy PHC will provide a primary age Enhanced Learning Provision as part of the London Borough of Croydon’s Local Offer for children with special educational needs.  The Enhanced Learning Provision is an integral part of the Cirrus Trust’s overall vision and provision for the children at Kingsley Primary Academy. The ELP will provide children with the opportunity of accessing the curriculum and social opportunities offered by the mainstream school, led by teachers of the deaf and specialist teaching assistants with the required additional qualification in BSL, and within an environment which enables small group learning in addition to the regular classroom. 

Provision at the PHC will ensure that deaf pupils develop strategies for independence and make progress that is at least in line with that of their hearing peers with similar starting points so that any gaps in achievement on entry to the school are narrowed by:

  • receiving the educational support they require from appropriately qualified specialist staff
  • ensuring deaf pupils receive the specialist assessments required to understand their needs, identify potential barriers to making progress and inform support and intervention strategies
  • ensuring that mainstream staff at the school receive the training they require to enable them to meet the needs of deaf pupils
  • ensuring all reasonable adjustments are made to ensure deaf pupils are not put at a substantial disadvantage when accessing teaching and learning and wider school activities
  • ensuring staff in partner agencies provide any additional services required
  • involving families and pupils in decision making, identifying outcomes and planning provision.

Evidence based interventions for primary age children

There will be variability in the impact of moderate to profound hearing impairment on the development of children who are placed at Kingsley Primary Academy PHC by the Local Authority.  Kingsley Primary Academy will provide children with structured education programmes and a range of evidence-based interventions for deaf children matched to each child’s individual developmental profile. Language development and curriculum access may be supported by the use of spoken language, sign supported English or BSL.

Pupils attending the PHC will have a personalised learning programme drawn up by specialist teachers of the deaf in consultation with class teachers. This personalised learning programme is responsive to the need of each pupil and enables children attending the PHC to make educational progress and enable active engagement in all aspects of school life.

The PHC will provide a range of teaching and learning provision to meet children’s individual needs, including:

  • Independent learning in a mainstream class
  • Supported learning in mainstream classes
  • Shared access to skilled and specialist teaching and teaching support
  • Small group teaching
  • Tailored individual intervention programmes

Kingsley Primary Academy PHC teachers of the deaf will identify the curriculum content and skills which are important for each child’s development and the teaching approaches that maximize learning potential for each child.  Specifically teachers of the deaf and specialist teaching assistants will:

  • Identify the most relevant ways in which to represent subject matter so as to maximize a child’s active engagement
  • Create an optimal classroom climate for learning based on careful assessment of children’s response to the environment
  • Monitor learning and provide regular formative feedback
  • Have high aspirations for learners which are shared with parents and all members of staff

Placements – admission:

Placements will be made on the basis of the provision of suitable education which is an efficient use of public resources and has due regard to parental preference.  Admission to the Kingsley Primary Academy PHC will be through the Croydon SEND Team.

Criteria for admission

Pupils whose primary need is a permanent, bilateral, moderate to profound hearing loss and

  • who use personal amplification such as hearing aids, cochlear implants or BAHAs
  • who use additional amplification via personal listening devices
  • whose speech, language and communication development is significantly delayed or disordered in comparison with hearing peers as a result of their hearing impairment, including those with late diagnosis and/or late access to amplification;
  • who may require access to Sign Supported English (SSE) or British Sign Language (BSL).
  • who are functioning significantly below age related expectations in speaking, listening, reading and writing as a result of their hearing impairment and associated language delay
  • who have significant difficulties with listening, attention, concentration, self- confidence and class participation, as a result of their hearing impairment
  • who require opportunities to socialise and communicate with both deaf and hearing peers in order to develop social communication, emotional wellbeing, deaf identity and self-esteem

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