Friends of Kingsley (PTA)

What is the Kingsley Parent Teacher Association?

In September 2016 Kingsley Primary decided to relaunch the school Parent Teacher Association (PTA). Where parents and the school are able to work together then great things can be achieved.  It is an organisation formed of parents and school staff members with the 
main purpose to build strong links between home and school. They 
are usually best known for their fundraising work, however this is 
secondary to parents, staff and pupils having the opportunity to get together.

The group now have 20 participating members, with a core group of 7 who are instrumental in coordinating events. They re-named the association Friends of Kingsley Primary Academy in April 2017. The new name was a conscious decision to ensure that everyone that wants to get involved in moving the school forward can. 

What are its current goals?

The core group have set these goals for the PTA.

  – Raise money to improve the school.
  – Build strong community links.
  – Bring in ALL parents.
  – Develop opportunities for fun and enjoyment outside the classroom
  – Sports Day
  – Discos 
  – Fairs
  – Cake Sales
– Curriculum Enrichment Trips
 – Develop Parental Engagement across the school so all parents feel included and want to be a part of this school.

How is money raised?

Money is raised through the organisation of fun activities which then will develop the business links with our local community. Even develop entrepreneurship in parents and children.

– Sports Day
– Discos
– Fairs
– Cake Sales

They have already organised a  number of cake sales where they doubled the money and they 
had a very successful first Christmas and Summer Fairs. Dates for the next fairs and other events are in the calendar, so make sure you check regularly so you know what is happening. 

The Friends of Kingsley are open to suggestions all the time. So if you have a great idea, come along and share it.

Details of the events they organise are posted up around school and will appear on the letters page of this website as well as the calendar and Facebook page. Please follow the ‘Kingsley Primary Academy’ Facebook page to see all the notifications. 

How is money spent?

Money will be spent on improving the school experience for children. It has been a lot of fun so far working with the initial group but we need more help and support. We are a big school and many hands make light work!

So far the Friends of Kingsley have pledged to provide each year group with £100 to enable them to fund trips and enrichment opportunities for the children and they donated £200 for the Year 6 leavers BBQ and disco. 

Getting involved?

This is the easy bit. We can all do something. We can all contribute in some way. The PTA just needs to know who is willing to help.

We know as parents you have wide ranging commitments and responsibilities but even if it is hanging a

decoration, supporting the tidying up after an event, whatever it is – we just need to know who is able to help – even if it is on the day itself.

You can get a PTA Registration form by clicking here. If you want to get involved then it can be printed off and completed and handed to the office or email your details to the address and your details will be added to the PTA volunteer list. This way we can email you when help is needed for a project. In addition,  if you provide a contact mobile number you can be added to the PTA Whatsapp Group so updates and queries can be managed by other PTA members.

So come on! Lets all get involved.

Easy Fund Raising Leaflet 

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